to how much you pay.

Our aged care financial advisers are licensed and committed to providing the best service in Adelaide. We work under the legislative requirements of all local and National regulators and authorities as well as under the supervision of Charter Financial Planning. We believe Adelaide Aged Care Financial Advisers sets a higher standard for providing aged care financial services than our competitors.

Our financial advice is well researched, carefully planned and tailored for each client. Clients have different needs and requirements which means our fees may vary in each situation. Please call us and give us an idea of your situation so we can provide you with a fee guide. After meeting for a free initial consultation, our advisers can then provide a final quote. Note, we will not commit you to any fees without full disclosure prior.

Our financial advisers in Adelaide are proud to make a significant contribution to many people’s lives. You will find our fees to be:

  • Reasonable and competitive
  • Of high value
  • Clear and straightforward
  • Transparent and fully disclosed