Adelaide Residents Get Local Aged Care Financial Planning Help

After a intense period of preparation, we’re excited today to announce an important new service to Adelaide residents. With the launch of Adelaide Aged Care Financial Advisers (AACFA) Adelaide residents finally get the local aged care financial planning help they need.

AACFA is a subsidiary of one of Adelaide’s most respected financial planning firms, HSW Financial Advisers. Aged care and aged care financial advice hold a special place in the heart of HSW Financial Advisers. As a local financial advice practice of 25 years experience, we’ve helped many families get through the difficult times when a loved one enters residential aged care.

Finding a suitable nursing home for your mother, father or relative  is a challenging task in itself. But when you do finally find something you like, you’re often then presented with pages and pages of forms, paperwork and a request to pay $300,000 (or more) in Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD).

It is a confronting time for family, and often  a confusing time too. Aged care providers are not licensed to give financial advice, and so are limited in the assistance they can give. Most of the time, you are not presented with financial options and since you only want the best for your loved one, you may be forced to sell the family home to pay for aged care entry costs such as Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), when there may be better alternatives.

With the recent changes in aged care law, more than ever before Adelaide residents need aged care financial planning.  Although there are many financial planners out there, an aged care financial adviser is needed to address specific aged care needs, costs, and fees. Entry into aged care is a complex process and managing the finances and payment of fees for the best possible outcome takes considerable skill. Having a financial planner that is aware of any ongoing aged care legislation changes, means they can ask you the right questions, and ultimately save you money.

Here are a few of the main reasons why Adelaide nursing home residents may need specialist financial planning. Aged care financial advisers offer the following benefits:

  • understand the emotional challenges residents have to go through
  • know the possible impact on tax and pension benefits of every decision
  • understand the ongoing aged care legislation
  • know how to minimise the Means-Tested Care Fee
  • can explore different ways to fund the RAD
  • have the necessary skill to negotiate on your behalf for savings on nursing home costs

Adelaide Aged Care Financial Advisers are now ready to offer the advice local families need. Our team specialise in personalised aged care financial planning and our financial advice is exclusively tailored to reach your unique financial objectives and goals.

Whether it is for you or for your loved one, Adelaide Aged Care Financial Advisers is here to assist you in your aged care journey.

Give us a call today on 1300 422 232 and schedule an initial consultation—absolutely free!

Regards, Eve