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Changes to pension and aged care rules pose threat for Adelaide retirees

It is now clear that modifications to the rules governing pensions and age care have just one thing to say to the public: find alternative means to finance your retirement. These latest changes to pension and aged care rules pose a new threat to Adelaide retirees – as if they needed any more! The Abbott-Turnbull governments’ […]

Adelaide Elderly To Pay More For ‘Home Care Packages’?

Around 72,000 people under Home Care Packages (HCP) in Australia will experience change in the way they receive their benefits come July 1st. A new program called Consumer Direct Care (CDC) will replace the current government funded stay-at-home care schemes for the elderly. Many Adelaide pensioners and seniors will be affected by the transition. As […]

Adelaide Faces Financial Implications Of Two-tiered Aged Care System

A two-tiered system in residential aged care appears to be emerging in Adelaide and South Australia, according to a new study. Today, for-profit providers are seen dominating the major cities, while non-profit providers are positioned in regional and remote locations. According to the Department of Health and Ageing, for profit-providers have grown more than twice […]