The first thing you need to do when you are considering moving to residential aged care is to visit the local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). ACATs are usually located in major hospitals and assessment is done by a doctor, nurse, or a social worker. They are the ones who will determine if you are eligible for aged care. Though they might suggest several aged care facilities in your area that are suitable for you, your family is still the one responsible for arranging your entry to your chosen residential aged care facility.

Below are the five steps identified by the Australian Government when moving to an aged care facility:

  • Assessment

    Done by ACAT and with Centrelink Assessment if
    you have aged pension benefits.

  • Finding Accommodation

    The Federal Government has provided a great resource for finding aged care facilities in your
    local area and surrounding suburbs. You can check

  • Determining the Cost

    You should have received financial advice by now to help you
    work out the costs in moving to aged care.

  • Applying

    Complete the paperwork and pay
    the appropriate fees.

  • Moving and settling in

    Welcome to your aged care journey!